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i luv u utopiates
i luv u otherkin in ctm
i luv uthe horse
i luv u boza
i luv u when ur not online
i luv u, everyone
it's not burnt
it just looks burnt
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u
i luv u

itchy cherub, 2020 (, amsterdam)

beati babies, 2019 (kantine, brussels)

shadow hunter, 2019 (no moon, brooklyn; play-co festival, zagreb; watermill center, watermill, ny)

femke hears a who, 2019 (peach, rotterdam)

aminals, 2019 (427 gallery, riga)

some elementary dinner sculpture, 2019 (peach, rotterdam)

vERBOEKY, 2018-ongoing (online)

moral butterfly extractor, 2018 (de kroon, rotterdam)

amygdal hellion torte, 2018 (de kroon, rotterdam)

flutter yellow butterfly / rocking one who knows, 2017 (gallerie kromme elleboog, rotterdam)

what is the butterfly not, 2018 (text)

счастье, 2017 (idyll limbor, rotterdam)

we are hear for the learning, 2017 (wolphaerstraat 17b, rotterdam)

performance archive, 2015-2016 (****)

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